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Welcome to the Cristallina Shop for Resellers


The Cristallina distributors shop is a Shopping venues exclusively for resellers who sell products from Cristallina-Vision in their commercial or independent professional activity to final consumers.


Private Customers

If you are a private customer, please visit our Cristallina-Shop ... for private customers.


Resale - Recommendation - Federated Partners

You will see our current conditions after your registration.


Scaled Conditions

Please note our graduated prices of the products. You will see it in each of the details of this article. You will buy cheaper if you order at least 3 pieces of a product (for example, 3 CDs from a title).


Announcement for Federated-Partners – 2016

We are looking for you as federated partners, business owners, consultants, therapists, energizers, hotel owners and as people who support customers, guests and clients. We offer you flexible solutions and individual handlings for example for

    public stores and bookshops
    service areas of all kinds
    naturopaths, masseurs and therapists
    the health consultation
    children, elderly and intensive care
    areas of energy work like Reiki, Yoga, Tai Chi etc.
    the wellness and recreation area
    the catering area
    the training and coaching area
    therapy centers and seminar centers
    meditation groups
    relaxation courses
    self-help groups
    kindergartens, day care centers and children´s homes
    special schools, schools and teaching and learning facilities
    animal shelters, pet stores, stables, zoos, farms and nature

For details and the Heailing-Energy-Symphony-Music by MyEric, see this link ...


We look forward to you.

Thank you for your trust in Cristallina-Vision.



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